Be your change.

Change always begins with people, from passion, inspiration.

When our mind is close to the sea, it produces reactions of happiness and serenity. Everything starts from this immense blue color and from the beauty we are admiring.

Escape route, infinite power, the sea as a journey.

Here the idea was born.
The dream slowly comes to life.

The brand.
It is distinguished by accurate research, precious raw materials, femininity, refinement, delicacy and rigorous attention in the creation of garments made by the exclusive craftsmanship of ours Made in Italy.

Exclusive, to live an experience created to measure for you with love passion and dedication. We have not chosen showcases because we don't like to show, but live in total freedom ".

Change   Force  Awareness  Dreams

Beauty coincides with simplicity ', only in this way is it enhanced.
Beauty as inner quality of things and people.


Pursue dreams with courage.

So Julie grows every day.